How to Leave up to £1 Million to Your Loved Ones Tax Free – Pt 1

Inheritance Tax (IHT), a daunting pair of words for most people and often accompanied by worries of it being complicated or a way for people to sneak tax-free under the radar… Well, today is the first part of how we can prove this is not the case and that this is how the government intends you to make the most of your tax-free allowance!

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Inheritance Tax
Inheritance Tax – Financial Advice Bedfordshire

Extending Video-Witnessed Wills for Will Writing

It comes with a sigh of relief with the recent announcement regarding the extension to video witnessing for Will Writing.

With the pandemic showing no signs of ending anytime soon, having the option for the vulnerable or isolating to have their Wills legally recognised from the comfort of their own homes or places of care will likely prove to have a positive lasting effect.

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Will Writing Bedfordshire

Newsletter for June/July

In this issue, we talk about…

  • The importance of planning ahead highlighted by the arrival of the royal baby.
  • Can we handle the increasing need for end of life care?
  • HM Courts and Tribunals Service plan to close local probate registries.
  • What is Inheritance Tax and how does it work?

Should You Appoint Your Children as Attorneys in Your LPA?

For the elderly and those unable to make decisions regarding their health or finances with clarity, a lasting power of attorney (LPA) represents a way for them to place such decisions in the hands of one that they trust. However, the nuances of LPAs and how attorneys are appointed are often misunderstood.

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The March-April issue looks at the complications of cryptocurrency, the increased interest in leaving a digital legacy, what happens to your loyalty points when you die and lastly, gives you insight into Sir Ken Dodd’s legacy a year after his death.

Businessman takes £105million worth of cryptocurrency to his grave…

As cryptocurrency celebrated its 10th birthday, the digital currency hit the headlines as a man died suddenly without sharing his computer password or recovery key. Read the Full article here.

Bringing You the Latest News From Our World to Yours. 

The world we live is in is forever evolving, which means so is the world of Estate Planning. We will keep you in the know, right here on our Latest News page.

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‘Inheritance disputes set to increase as more British adults are willing to dispute a Will.’

News from King’s Court Trust. Read the full article here.

Our Bi-Monthly Newsletter – January/February Issue

The latest from our world to yours – Looking to the year ahead.

Changing Probate Fees Set By The Government

Everything you need to know about the changing probate fees.

The Latest Bi-Monthly Newsletter – November/December Issue

The latest from the World of Estate Planning.





The National Bereavement Service

Find out about why we are working in association with The National Bereavement Service. 

Financial Education For Your Children

Thanks to very generous support from Martin Lewis OBE, the very first financial education textbook has been developed;  “Your Money Matters” for secondary schools.


Vitality – A Protection Policy for Your Family

A protection policy you can benefit from even if you don’t make a claim


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The Chancellors Budget Proposals for Social Care

Does the Chancellors £2 billion to social care over three years really help those needing long-term care?



Rip Off Britain

BBC programme suggests having Power of Attorney.