Will Storage

When someone dies there are a number of places you can check to see where their Will has been stored, but this can be complex and time consuming. At Will Trust and Protect we offer a unique will storage service that can ease the administrative burden on surviving family members.

Our accessible Will storage service means that we will ensure your Will is reviewed on a regular basis, and changes can be made if you require them. We offer one free change per year* as part of our standard Will service.

Other reasons to use our secure Will storage service…

• What happens if your Will cannot be found after your death?
• What happens if it is lost or destroyed in error?
• How can you make certain your Executors will have access to your Will quickly and easily?
• Avoid having to rewrite your Will when your circumstances change.
• If your Will cannot be found following your death the courts will assume that your Will has been ‘revoked’ by destruction.

Will Trust and Protect offer a professional storage service using one of the UK’s leading document storage companies, Kings Court Trust. Once we have received your Will for storage, it will be checked to ensure it has been signed and witnessed correctly. We will then issue ‘Certificates of Storage’ for each Executor named in your Will. Each certificate provides information on how to retrieve your Will. Your documents will only be released to you or an named Executor so you can be sure that your Will is completely secure. As an additional safeguard, our storage procedures are also registered with our professional body, The Society of Will Writers and Certainty, so you know that you will always be able to access your Will and it will always be safe. When you store your Will with us you can make any number of future changes or amendments for a small charge but one change can be made each year for free*. Not only can you be sure that your Will is completely safe, you can ensure that it is always kept up to date. There are two types of storage available; Annual storage or Lifetime storage. As the name suggests, Annual storage is paid for by annual subscriptions* collected by standing order. Lifetime storage offers the option of a single payment. 

* You must purchase lifetime storage or pay annual subscriptions by standing order to qualify for one free amendment per Year.