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June/July’s Newsletter

To download the latest newsletter, click here! We’re delighted to share our latest newsletter, bringing you insightful news and updates from the industry. In this issue, we talk about… The importance of planning ahead highlighted by the arrival of the royal baby. Can we handle the increasing need for end of life care? HM Courts and Tribunals Service plan to close local probate registries. What is Inheritance Tax and how does it work? To download the latest newsletter, click here!

The latest from the World of Estate Planning.

Our Bi-Monthly Newsletter has arrived. The March-April issue looks at the complications of cryptocurrency, the increased interest in leaving a digital legacy, what happens to your loyalty points when you die and lastly, gives you insight into Sir Ken Dodd’s legacy a year after his death. Click here to download the Newsletter.

News from Kings Court Trust…

Businessman takes £105million worth of cryptocurrency to his grave. As cryptocurrency celebrated its 10th birthday, the digital currency hit the headlines as a man died suddenly without sharing his computer password or recovery key. Read the Full article HERE.

‘Inheritance disputes set to increase as more British adults are willing to dispute a Will.’

New stats from the latest Kings Court Trust blog. We’d love to know if you would be prepared to dispute the Will of a loved one? The King’s Court Trust tells us that ‘a record number of inheritance disputes were reaching the High Court under the Inheritance Act, with 116 cases bought to the court in 2015, in comparison to just 15 in 2005.’  To read the full article, click HERE!