Conveyancing Services

We have conveyancing solicitors that we recommend based on over 40 years combined experience in the property business. All solicitors recommended by us have delivered a high quality service for our clients, bringing cases to successful, swift and trouble free conclusions.

Our recommended solicitors are all competitively priced, but you may find cheaper quotes are available. Our view is that when dealing with high value property transactions, in a complex environment, the quality of the work of your chosen solicitor is the most important factor.

We work in partnership with Conveyancing Fees Solutions, who will produce a list of quotes for you, on our behalf, according to your transaction type. You use our referrer code, to ensure that only solicitors endorsed by us for their previous quality, are shown in the quotes list that you are shown. When you reach the “Referrer” box please enter Will233 (the code must be entered exactly as shown with a capital W and no spaces).

Using Conveyancing Fees Solutions means that you can obtain quotes from all of our recommended solicitors, extremely quickly, all in one go, 24/7, rather than having to contact each one individually, during office hours.

You can email yourself a full quote breakdown, for further consideration or discussion with a partner, and/or select and instruct your chosen solicitor to act for you automatically online. If you instruct a solicitor to act for you they will make contact with you during office hours to confirm your transaction details and explain the next steps in the process.

To obtain a free and instant quote click on one of the buttons below, which will take you directly to the website. It should take no more than 30 seconds to obtain your quotes.