What if the original LPA is missing?

We will not usually accept an application to register without the original LPA form. However, we can register a ‘certified copy’. You can certify copies yourself as soon as you have made the LPA, in case the original gets lost before registration. If you have not done this, a qualified provider can certify a copy (for a fee) if he prepared the LPA and has a copy on file. You will also need to send a written statement explaining how the original was lost. If only an uncertified photocopy is available, it cannot be registered without an order of the court.

Where do I get extra copies of the registered LPA?

The Donor can ask for certified copies of the registered LPA if they still have capacity. This can be done by copying the registered document and writing the following text at the bottom of each page of the document:

What information will be on the register?

The type of information made available from the register will depend on the type of search that someone applies for. There are two types of search: a first tier and a second tier search, with each providing different levels of information to the applicant.

The first tier search provides limited data about the donor and the LPA. Anyone who has made a first tier search can undertake a second tier search. The applicant must explain in detail to the OPG why they require the information and show that the request is in the donor’s best interests. This second tier search relates to further information about the donor only. There is not a defined list of the information disclosed in a second tier search because it will be different in every case, depending on what is required and what is in the donor’s best interests. Guidance for people who want to make a lasting power of attorney for property and financial affairs Need help? 0300 456 0300  gov.uk/power-of-attorney