What if I have no outstanding debts?

A Life Insurance policy will provide a fixed sum of money on your death, which will be passed on to your family via your estate. This will provide you with peace of mind that those who survive you will be financially secure at a time when they most need it.

Why should I have life insurance?

Without the security of a Life Insurance payout or savings, any debts you may have, whether they are secured or unsecured may be passed to your estate when you die, meaning that your surviving family members will have to discharge these debts on your behalf.

Can a protection policy benefit me while I am still alive?

Will, Trust and Protect can provide you with a range of policies including Life insurance that pays out when you die, or Serious Illness cover which will also provide you and your family with valuable lifestyle benefits and helpful discounts on famous brands. As part of our consultation service we will present you with the options that we think will best suit you.

If I already have a life insurance policy, should I review my protection?

Life circumstances, and your responsibilities can change for many reasons; whether you get married or separate from your spouse, have children, see those children marry, have grandchildren, even buy or sell property, it is possible that your existing protection policy no longer covers you, or your family’s current needs. With this in mind it is always advisable to review your needs on a regular basis. At Will, Trust and Protect we can find the right policy for you.