Financial Education For Your Children

Financial Education For Your Children

Thanks to very generous support from Martin Lewis OBE, the very first financial education textbook has been developed;  “Your Money Matters” for secondary schools.

The textbooks are being sent to state secondary schools for free across the nation from October 2018, which is fantastic news for our future generations. Here at Will Trust and Protect, we know that an understanding of finances is an absolute necessity so why not guide your children from a young age? 

“Despite being on the secondary national curriculum, financial education is only taken up by 40% of secondary schools with many teachers just not confident in teaching financial education as well as the challenges of embedding a consistent provision within school. The development and distribution of this Textbook is a major step forward in achieving a degree of consistency to the financial education young people receive within secondary schools by providing teachers with access to a high quality free standardised teaching resource to support and enhance financial education delivery.” (


Why is this topic important for young people?

  • 55% Of young people aged 20-29 worry about being able to save.
  • Almost 10 Million people in the UK have no savings whatsoever.
  • 81% of 18-24 year olds do not understand the term ‘interest rate’.


We have up loaded the student’s guide and the teacher’s guide for you right here! 

You can also find out more about the pledge to get more kids in the financial know how here!


Let’s join Martin Lewis in his bid to get the next generation fluent in finance!