There are 4 Key Steps to the LPA Process

  1. Choose your attorney(s) and all the other people you need to be involved in your LPA, and think about how you want your attorney(s) to make decisions on your behalf.
  2. Complete your LPA form with Provider.
  3. Keep your LPA until you (or your attorney) need to use it. During this period it cannot be used – and you continue to make decisions yourself.
  4. Register your LPA with the OPG so that people can raise any concerns, and so that it can then be used.

LPA is only usable – and your attorney(s) able to make decisions on your behalf – once it has been registered. It is usually best to register your LPA as soon as you have completed the LPA form.

Registration takes at least twelve weeks. If you need your LPA to be used urgently, it cannot be used during the twelve week period. If your attorney needs to make decisions urgently, they will have to apply for a Court order.